The Strategy Nobody Can Copy – China’s Hai Di Lao Hotpot


The Outside-In Strategy

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Restaurant is a Chinese Sichuan Style Hot Pot restaurant that was introduced to the market in 1994. The company now owns 63 restaurants in China and over 10,000 employees with loyal and creative management teams. Over the past 5 years, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot has become the most popular Sichuan style hot pot restaurants in the Chinese market. The reason for their success and how they could stand out among the fierce competition is simple: customer first.

 With the philosophy of always being “customer first” and with the innovation as the core, Hai Di Lao has successfully changed the traditional standardization of hot pot restaurants in China. They are able to specialize their services and promote the personalized features, dedicated to provide customers with “intimate, warm and calm” services. The CEO of Hai Di Lao believes that people should create values for themselves no matter if they are rich or poor. The management teams aims to create a fair and equitable work environment for staff, implementing humane and family-oriented management mode to enhance their value.






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